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Thanks for the awesome game assets! They worked lovely in my game I just released and I plan on using more in future updates. Feel free to follow for updates. Go check it out over at

Would you mind putting a proper license on this? The Free Software Foundation has a good explanation of why “informal licenses” are bad. (TL;DR: In some countries, the law might interpret a not-precise-enough license statement as invalid and, thus, “All Rights Reserved”.)

(If you want to see how far that “other jursidictions” thing goes, take a look at this analysis of how far the CC0 has to go to achieve “like Public Domain” status in Germany’s “protect the creator from giving away too much” system.

(eg. Germany’s legal system prevents you from giving away rights that didn’t exist at the time you made your statement, so the CC0 includes a clause where you make a legally binding promise not to sue over rights that get written into law later.)

Once you’ve got a license on it, it’ll probably wind up in my Libre Game Assets list and I’m willing to do that for any asset set you put up under a suitable license.

really late update here but i wanted to let you know I used some of these assets in the Github Gameoff 2018 gamejam... you can see here if you're interested -

Thanks! Glad you were able to get some use out of them. I like your game, I was having fun playing it and got up the the 3rd level. I liked the background but I did find some of the stars a bit distracting as they scrolled by. Overall had fun!

Thanks for these assets, I'd made my first game here with.

Glad you were able to get some use out of them! 

Thanks for the assets, made them into this

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Glad you were able to use them! I like that you were able to change up the colors a little bit to make them more unique. I wasn't able to try the game though because I don't have an android phone.

Thank you for these assets. I'm using it in this game under development:

Glad you were able to find use out of them! Game is coming along nicely. Keep up the hard work!

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This is a great asset pack :D

I've used this in my mobile game

Thank you so much.

Space Shot

Looks great! I am glad you found a use for the assets and were able to use some of the other ones and not just the ship. I like that you have a minimap as well, how did you make that? I wasn't able to try the game though as I don't have an android phone.

I used a version of the background from this pack in my last game. You can check it out here:

Thanks so much!


We used this asset pack in our submission for the GMTK Game Jam 2019.

Thanks for the assets!